The Story

Since childhood, Vivian Weiss has been fascinated how certain plants can contribute to wellbeing in the body – both externally and internally. This fascination then turned into a passion for traditional Chinese medicine.

Even as a small girl, she experimented with plants such as with the skin of a watermelon. After eating the melon, she cut up the skin into small pieces and placed them on her face since their juice gave her skin a great deal of moisture. When her mother was in the kitchen preparing cucumbers for their meal, she always took two slices – but not to nibble on. She first moistened her face with the cucumber juice and then placed a slice on each eye. Vivian Weiss also experimented with eggs – much to the dismay of her mother who was planning on cooking them. Vivian, however, took the egg white unceremoniously and spread it over her face as a mask. Her mother was less than pleased, but her father simply suggested she “leave her be – women like tending to their appearance, be it a little girl or an 80-year old grandmother. Who knows, maybe she’ll be a beautician one day…”.

As the years passed, Vivian Weiss added to her knowledge of the field of beauty and developed a holistic understanding of the whole subject. Just like in traditional Chinese medicine where a balance is sought between Yin and Yang, inner and outer beauty is based on a well-balanced body.

After the birth of her child, not only had her life drastically changed – her body too. She noticed that her skin was becoming increasingly dry due to natural changes in hormones. In order to replenish the moisture of her skin, Vivian Weiss drew up an individual skincare plan. Based on her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and experiences with the effects of natural raw materials, she created her own cream made from fresh aloe vera, organic honey, chamomile extract and lemon juice. She massaged this cream into her skin in the morning and evening for around 10 minutes. At the same time, she also consciously ate products made organically and cooked these with a variety of herbs in line with traditional Chinese medicine. After only a few weeks, her skin improved and was as healthy and flawless as ever before.

This experience made it clear to Vivian Weiss that natural and effective skincare is very important. Many people suffer from dry skin and she saw it as her duty to help them, and her responsibility to make her knowledge available in her own care range – Vivian Weiss Natural Cosmetics – to one and all.